Saturday, October 29, 2011

Plymouth theme

First, alright I suck at posting and I didn't get funding for my car RDIF unlocker so that's going down the drain. Oh well. I post when I post, if you don't like it there is a little X in the top right (or left if you are on Ubuntu or Mac or something) and click it.

This, however, is what I have be up too!

Its awesome! (I'm only a little bit biased) (Oh and I don't have a fancy HD camera on my phone so you can deal with 480p)

Its based of a (almost stolen from) a Plymouth theme by Andre "Osku" Schmidt, but now it with the Archlinux colors and logo.  I might make it into a AUR package if there is demand for it.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Car Door RFID

How long as it been sense I posted? To long. But I plan on changing that again (see how well that worked last time? Don't expect much people). To help insure I actually post on here, one I wont make a dead line, I'll post when I feel the need to, and two I will make it follow my project I deiced to start! That is the reason for this post! If you didn't figure out what I'm posting about from the title (pause for everyone to look and read it) I going to (attempt) to but and RFID based car door unlocker.

The problem with my current car locks ( I drive a 97 Lumina) is that the door key and the ignition key don't match up. Not quite sure why, I got the car that way. Also I can only unlock one door at a time from the outside of the car, which it quite a pain. I have to open the door and press the unlock button to unlock the door for anybody else who wants to get in my car.

So how am I gonna do this? Arduino!!! I've been looking into thous things and they. are. AWESOME. To twitter powered coffee pots (I'm not joking Google it) to unlock a door when it hears a current knock (I'm not joking, but whatever you do, don't bing it. Bing is for losers), but in this case I want to build a car door unlocker using an RFID card. Hopefully the chip in my key will work, but it probably wont. I will be modeling my project after this

Right now, this project is in the theory/funding stage, but as soon as my insurance claim comes though for my bike into car collision (that's a story for another post), I should have plenty of cash that I should put into savings but will probably go to this project instead.

Till next post (could be a while)