Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Move to cloud computing

First things first. Today in not Wednesday. Today is Thursday, so that means my post is a day behind.  I'm sorry for that.  Yesterday was...... um interesting and hectic.  What did I learn from it? Write posts a head on time so you can easily post them on time!!!  Time for the blog it's self.

I have been attempting to move all of my computer usage to the google (1) good old world wide web.  I have been doing things like uploading all my pictures to Picasa, my Music to, and my documents to Google Docs.  And the best part of it all is that I can access all of my information from any computer that has an HTML5 supported browser. (Window's fan boys will be happy to hear that IE9 is now in beta, and its supports HTML5, but thats not the point.) As a matter of fact I am writing this post from a Generic computer at school, but I still have access to most everything that I would have at home.  But that is the problem, most everything, not everything.  I still can't do a lot of things that I can at home because they don't have (or I haven't learned about them) web apps that can't replace the desktop apps that I have.  Take Skype for example.  I have yet to find a good web app that I can use to replace Skype that runs fully on the web.  (If anyone knows of one, please post it in the comments!)  Its also a pain right to have to reboot out of Chrome OS on my netbook just to print out a paper, but that is being worked on with Google Could Print.  I just hope that comes to end users soon. So far the move to cloud computing as been a smooth one overall.  I highly recommend making the move yourself, even if you have a high end computer and laptop.  You will never know when you won't have access to your computers, but still have access to a web enabled computer.

If anyone else out there that reads this blog (All 5!) wants to share a cool web app or their move to the clouds, feel free to post a comment!


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