Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Music anywhere anytime! (And Google newest feature)

If you have been following my blog, or just read my last post, you would know that I am been using Chrome OS and the primary OS on my Starling Netbook.  It is trully awesome, but there was one flaw that almost made me not install it.  I could not listen to my music!  With Chrome I was unable to play my music library like I can on Arch Linux, so I needed to find a solution.  Did I ever say there is nothing Google can't find? Well its true. A quick little Google and I found a neat little web site called! is a HTML5 based web app.  Its your itunes in the clouds.  It everything that you would expect in a music player, playlists, shuffle, repeat, and they even have plans to include a marketplace. It can integrate with YouTube,, twitter and even dropbox if you have one.  If you have a mobile phone with web access, you can open up and listen to your music on the go. If you have an iphone or android phone, they have apps for those as well.  So with all of these cool features, you would think that this would cost a lot of money right? Wrong.  For people who no money to spare, you can get 1gb of music storage along with unlimited music streaming for free.  If you need a little bit more space, 11gbs is 3.99 a month, $7.99 for 26, and $9.99 for 151GB of space.  With the higher plans you get more features, but they all have unlimited streaming.

The beautiful thing is that you can listen to your music on any web enabled computer.  You dont need a fast connection for it, but you cant use a slow one either.  For anybody who loves to listen to music like I do, and switches off between a lot of computers, I highly recommend it.  The plans are cheep and you get access to your music on the web, even on Chrome OS.

Unrealted to has everyone tried out Googles newest feature? Google Instant search! It is still being rolled out, but basically what it does is it starts to search before you even press enter.  Google says it can save about 2-5 seconds on every search, which for most of us is pretty minor.  I personally love it already, and it while is usefulness is questionable if you ask me, it is just plan fun!! It is faster that your normal Google search, but enough to affect your everyday life. (but it is enough to make you want to Google trivial stuff, just to play with it :D )

Well thats all for this weeks post, come back next week for something. I don't know yet, but something.
~Vrekk the Google Addict     


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